Are Online Casinos Legal For New York Residents?

Internet gambling is increasingly popular, among casual card players and long-time gambling buffs alike. Online casinos are becoming particularly beloved among New York's population of gamers—in large part because they are simply more convenient than heading to one of the state's few land-based, Native American casinos. The question that many New York gamers will ask, though, is this: Are online casinos legal in New York? The answer to this question is surprisingly complex, which reflects some of the ambiguity in New York's stance on gambling. Legal casinos in New York are available in several forms, and examples can be found below.

What You Should Know About NY's Gambling Laws

What all New York gambling buffs need to know is this: While the question of online gambling's legality may be somewhat prickly, there is no question about whether or not Internet casinos are safe for New York residents. There are many Internet casinos that are welcoming to New York gamers, and they represent a safe way to play without fear of legal consequences.

To understand why this is the case, it is important to note what New York's laws actually say about online casinos. The truth is, New York's laws do not say much of anything on this topic. While the state's stance toward gambling in general is a moderate one, the law books do not explicitly condone or condemn online gaming. As such, this topic is something of a gray area.

This level of silence on the topic of Internet casinos is far from a bad thing. Actually, it shows that New York residents can play at their favorite online casinos without fear of legal trouble—because the law does not make any allowance for punishing online gamers. There are no grounds on which New York can prosecute Internet casino patrons, because the law really does little to address online casinos at all.

How Can New York Players Find Safe Online Casinos?

This does not necessarily mean that all online casinos represent great options for Empire State gamers. Some Internet gaming sites are more reputable than others, and have longer track records of treating gamers honestly and respectfully. The best way for New York residents to enjoy Internet casino gaming is to check out one of the several casinos that are based in—and licensed through—foreign countries. This way, the casinos are government-regulated + safe, yet exist beyond the jurisdiction of New York.

Online Casinos That Will Not Rip Off New York Players
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Internet Gaming In New York: Is There A Future?

A final point to make is that more and more states are moving toward the full legalization of online gaming and Internet casino sites. In fact, the charge for a national legalization of online gaming sites is being led by a Congressman from New York. As such, while online casinos occupy a legally nebulous area right now, it is likely that they will become increasingly acceptable over time. Certainly, Internet casinos stand as safe options for New York residents, and there are plenty of safe online casinos for New York players.

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