Casino Gaming Laws + Statutes In New York

New York may not be known as a gamer's paradise, but the reality is that the state does offer several forms of legally-allowed, regulated gambling—including a few Native American casinos. The question that many New York gamers will have, then, is the question of what the state's laws actually say about gambling, and about casino gambling in particular. What are the New York casino gaming laws that govern both land-based and online casinos? This page will highlight some specific laws and statutes that Empire State gamers need to know about. is first and foremost a site about educatiing on the laws and options available, which is exactly what this page is about.

What Do Gambling + Casino Laws In New York Say?

While New York is fairly permissive in offering a few forms of regulated gambling, the state is actually quite strict in its penalization of illicit and illegal gambling. A good place to begin considering New York's gambling restrictions is Section 225.00 (2) of the New York penal code. This law defines gambling as any act in which a person stakes "something of value" on a game of chance—a fairly broad definition for gambling.

Meanwhile, Section 30-19.1 (B) essentially says that anything that could be construed as a game of chance, and is not expressly allowed by the state's laws, counts as illegal gambling. The bad news here is that there those who operate illegal gaming enterprises face some steep charges, including felony charges; the good news is that players are not expressly penalized by New York law.

Legal-Land Based Casino Gambling In New York

The implication of this is that gamers in New York do not face dire threats even when they do engage in games that are not expressly condoned in the state's laws. With that said, it is useful for players to understand those forms of gambling that New York does allow. The state makes allowances for a state lottery, for horse race wagering, and for a handful of tribal casinos. In addition, note that electronic gaming is available at many of the state's horse tracks.

In addition, home poker games are generally allowable. This is another gray area, but the laws indicate that games such as poker are allowed when no one profits from them. Thus, those who wish to play in a friendly, social capacity are permitted to do so.

Internet Casinos For NY Residents: A Real Option?

A final concern that some New York residents will have is that of what the laws say about Internet casinos. The basic fact is that New York's laws do not say much of anything about casino gaming. Online wagering is neither expressly condemned nor is it directly condoned—which means New York gamers can play in online casinos, especially offshore ones, without concerns over criminal charges. New York's online casino laws do not place any kind of barrier between players and their favorite Internet gaming opportunities.

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The Future of New York Gambling

With New York bordering New Jersey, they get a front row seat to the happenings ongoing with online gambling expansion. That means that the chance for expansion in New York is certainly there. Whether or not some action will be put into motion remains to be seen.

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